How to use Oversize

First you have to get your account at http://oversize.bag-mail.de. Select the 'register' link and type your e-mail address in the corresponding field. Additionally you can choose an amount of disk space you need. After submitting the register form you will receive a mail with your credentials (username and password). Your username equals your mailbox alias.

Now you can logon to your account and upload files. The file upload happens at oversize.bag-mail.de by choosing the 'Go'-link. There you can see your uploaded files and select new files from your hard disk for uploading by clicking one of the 'browse'-buttons at the bottom of the website. The button 'Upload' sends your selected file(s) to the server. You can choose up to 5 files at a time.

The next steps depend on your needs:

  1. You want to download a file by yourself:

    Logon to your account and click on 'Go'. You get a list of your uploaded files. Download the file over the Download-link next of the file name and size.

  2. You want another person to download one of your uploaded files:

    Logon to your account and click on 'Go'. You get a list of your uploaded files. Now click on 'Send link' to open a new e-mail window with the direct download link for your file. Your receipient will be able to download your file by clicking on the link within the e-mail - there will be no password request.

Please note following hints:
  • Oversize is not meant to be a secure data storage. Important files should not be saved in Oversize without backup.
  • Every file is limited to 5 downloads. After that the file is no longer valid and should be deleted from Oversize.
  • Forty days after an upload, the file will be automatically deleted. You can, however, extend the validity. Therefore you will receive a reminder e-mail seven days before expiration of validity.

Frequently asked questions

  1. I forgot my password. What can I do?

    Please click on "(Forgot password?)" beneath the login form. There you can insert your email address to which your new password will be sent.

  2. What does the error message "Too many downloads. Please ask the publisher of this file to resubmit it." mean during downloading a file?

    To prevent misuse of stored files every link can be used only up to five times. After five downloads the links are invalid. If you want to send your file to another recipient you have to delete it from oversize and upload it again. After that the file gets a new download link which you have to send to your recipient.